Does Facetime Use Data | Facetime Video Calling iPhone and ipad

Does Facetime Use Data | Facetime Video Calling iPhone and iPad – Video calling sets up excitement among the people as you can easily watch each other while having a voice call. You can easily use facetime over cellular data or Wi-Fi. Using regular cellular data you will not be able to have a clear video quality as the calls on cellular data might get interrupted with other things so using Facetime over Wi-Fi allows an easy and HD calling.

Does Facetime Use Data | Facetime Video Calling iPhone and ipad

You can easily use Wi-Fi over all the iOS devices like

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Mac book
  • Even on iPod (iPod 5th generation)

If you are using cellular data, it is preferred to only use Facetime over the iPhone.

It is obvious that Facetime does use the data. But not every time you will able to recharge your phone with a cellular data plan so switching over Wi-Fi seems to be a really good option! However, you may not be able to use Wi-Fi whenever you go out, therefore, how you will be able to check whether Facetime Use Data or not? Have a look at the ways to check the data used by the Facetime calls!

How to check the data consumed on Facetime for an individual call?

  • Go to the Facetime app on your IOS device (iPad/ iPhone).
  • From the bottom select Recent
  • Now click on the right corner of the Facetime app
  • Select the call (audio/video) for which you want to check the data consumed for.
  • Under each Facetime call the data usage will be mentioned.

This was the way to check the data consumed by an individual Facetime call what if you wish to check the data consumed over all the FaceTime calls?

How to check the overall data consumed on Facetime?

The method is same as the above, so it is easy to follow. Remember that the data used for cellular data plans and Wi-Fi will be shown together.

  • Go to the Setting option on your iOS device
  • Now click on the Cellular tab present.
  • In the drop down list locate the Facetime app.
  • Click on it, and you will be able to see the total amount of data used.

Facetime Video Calling over iPhone and iPad gives a real-time experience to all the iOS users, and because of its huge demand, the app is also available for the Android and the Windows user. So for the Android users they can search for any third party app to download the Facetime app and enjoy the benefits of FaceTime. For the iOS users, the Facetime application comes inbuilt so you can easily enjoy the enhanced features of this wonderful app.


Features of Facetime application:

  • The Facetime application is so amazing because it allows you to have a better quality of both voice and video calling which is easily equal to the regular cell phone connection. You need not install any third app to make voice calls over the internet.
  • With the mute and hold option over the voice or video calls you can easily disable the voice for some time when you are on voice or video, so that the other person should not listen to what you are talking about.
  • The Facetime application comes with an easy to use user interface system which makes the application user-friendly and easy to run. Remember to register yourself with the same Apple ID and the phone number in use.
  • You can block any video or voice call if you do not wish to attend.

So enjoy having a new experience of video calling with Facetime!

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