How to Fix Facetime Not Working Problems on iPhone/iPad

How to Fix Facetime Not Working Problems on iPhone/iPad – The most sorted after application on iOS is Facetime. It is Apple’s amazing video phone call app. people who are having the iOS devices like (iPhone, iPad, Mac and iPod touch) can easily stay in connect each other via the video app.

One can easily talk to each other for free over a stable internet connection. Facetime poses really good audio and video quality that makes video calling a better feature with better video quality. Unlike other applications like IMO, Skype, Facebook, etc. Facetime App proved to be the best amongst all when it comes to the services of having video calls.

How to Fix Facetime Not Working Problems on iPhone/iPad

But since it is itself an app then it when undergoes many bugs that require being taken care of. So if you need to fix Facetime Not Working Problems on iPhone/iPad then follow the below given advice:

How to Fix Facetime Not Working Problems on iPhone/iPad

How to Fix Facetime Not Working Problems on iPhone/iPad

  • Update your devices with the upgrade versions

Sometimes maybe the Facetime that you are using can show up the expired Certificate which can lead to trouble in setting up the Facetime. So make sure, that the software on all your iOS and Mac OS devices are up-to-date. And do remember to keep on updating the app with the upgraded versions of the phone.

  • Check whether the Facetime is switched on

This is a very small thing that certainly many people easily miss out. While you make a Facetime call from your device make sure that the Facetime is on, or it will start showing up the problem, and you might not be able to check whether the call has been made it not.

  • Sign-in to Facetime app with the same Apple ID

Now this is somewhat and important thing that you must keep in mind while logging in sometimes you change your Apple ID on the software but forget to save the same ID on your Facetime too. Within iOS device go to Settings – Facetime and check the Apple ID. Make sure that you have input the same Apple ID that you have in the app store.

  • How to fix the problem if Facetime is stuck on Waiting for Activation?

You can see the same error while you sign in to Facetime. Facetime may get stuck screening Waiting for Activation on the screen. Then turn off Facetime and back on again.

Steps to reset Facetime:

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How to reset Facetime on an iOS Device?

Go to Settings hit Facetime and set Facetime to Off. Then turn Facetime back to On.

Simple and easy!

  • Make sure that you have put the correct time and date:

You can Fix Facetime Not Working Problems on iPhone/iPad by having input the right time and date on your device. You can also choose the automatic way of placing the time and date according to zone you are too.

  • Remember to have a stable Wi-Fi and cellular connection

While making a call remember that you have your Wi-Fi and cellular connection in on your device.  Facetime works on the internet. Therefore, it is necessary to have an internet connection for the same.

  • For Facetime, troubleshooting problem checks your Push setting in Mail

If you have been a Facetime user, then you must know that Facetime requires Push Mail to notify devices that there’s an incoming call. So if you are not able to check any calls received in Facetime go to the Settings- Mail Contacts- Calendars now Fetch New Data and check that the Push setting, which must be set to on.

  • Make sure that you have input the correct phone number

This is a very common thing that happens while you are on Facetime. While creating an account, you are asked to provide the details and your phone number, if you have provided the wrong phone number, then you might face problems in calling via Facetime. So make sure that the number is correct, or you can go to Settings, Facetime and make changes.

Above given are some of the common factors that can create a problem while you are on Facetime. So in case you are having trouble using Facetime app you can use the above methods to Fix Facetime Not Working Problems on your iPhone/iPad device. Do remember to check that Facetime is available on your phone, and you can even try to restart your phones and see if it works or not.

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