How to Make a Facetime call from your iPhone/iPad/Mac Free

How to Make a Facetime call from your iPhone/iPad/Mac Free – Today because of technology the social media apps has become one of the most important sources of our lives to stay connected with one another. With the development of the applications, there has also been a development in the ways by which we can connect to each other.

First came the mobile phones that got us connected to each other via text messages and voice calls then due to internet Facebook eased a lot of work and then the grand revolution of the voice calls and video calls via the internet came in which has become the most important factor of staying in touch.

How to Make a Facetime call from your iPhone/iPad/Mac Free

Millions of users are connected to each other via the social media apps and now with the help of the Facetime people can enjoy video calling with each other by sitting anywhere in the world. It is handy you can take your device anywhere with you and enjoy its benefits. Just one condition that the app comes inbuilt for all the Apple users but not for Android.

Facetime App was launched in the year 2010 and therefore was immensely loved by all the apple users. Now Apple has become a big brand in the tech world as we all know.  Facetime has been created especially for video calling, and it comes inbuilt in all the iOS devices like iPhone/iPad/Mac.

Because of its really good video quality, Facetime is also in demand for the Windows users that to have too. Since everyone wants a disturbance free video calling like Facetime offers it becomes highly important to have. Firstly Facetime was limited to phones but sooner the app has been launched for Mac as well so that the users can enjoy video calling on Mac computers too.

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People love to experience Facetime for PC which is a better alternative app than Google Hangouts or Skype. Facetime also has a good user interface that makes it easy to use. For the IOS users, it has been easy to use the Facetime app as default on the phone installs it.

How to Make a Facetime call from your iPhone/iPad/Mac Free

The steps are very easy and for the iOS users, you need not work hard for making a Facetime call from your iPhone/iPad/Mac.

For the iPhone Users

  • You need to go to the contacts select the person you need to call and in the contact profile you will be able to see the Facetime option
  • Click on it to make the Facetime call

Note: The Facetime will only be shown if the person is an iOS user.

Any other Android user will not be able to have a Facetime call. However, you can easily make a video call from your iPhone to Mac and vice versa. If you are an Apple user, and you are not able to locate the Facetime application then go to the setting and scroll down to locate the application running on the device you can locate the Facetime app over there.

How to Make a Facetime call from your iPhone/iPad/Mac Free

For the Mac and iPad users

  • It is not a tricky turn to make a call via Mac or Ipad all you need to do is to enter your apple id and password and the contact list will be downloaded directly.
  • You need not put up the contact fr4om the scratch
  • Just click on the email given if you need to make a call on iPad or Mac and click on phone number if you need to make a call on the iPhone
  • The invitation will pop up on the screen, and when the user accepts the invitation, the video call will begin.

Just one thing to remember that makes sure that the person you are calling has Facetime installed or is an Apple user and has a working email id. Facetime video call requires a stable Wi-Fi connection, and it can also work on 3G and 4G connections too.

Now you can easily stay in contact with your loved ones via Facetime app that gives you the facility of HD video calling and a new experience to share! Get on with the new experience!

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